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, 2021)

May 6(Thu),
June 1(Thu),


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[Announcement] Reopening of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum

The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum is open after thorough infection prevention measures are taken.

The exhibition, reading room operations, events, and facility rental will be reopened as soon as the schedule is determined.
We will announce this on our website.


For Visitors to the Museum

We ask for your cooperation.
The following customers are not allowed to come to the museum.

(1)Those who are worried about their physical condition such as fever, cold symptoms and taste disorder.
(We may ask you to leave the museum if you have a cold or coughing fit in the exhibition room).

(2)Those who do not wear a mask.

(3)A person who is currently under observation as a concentrated contact of a patient with COVID-19 patient.

Please be sure to fill out the check sheet and submit it to the receptionist before entering the museum.

Please check your temperature when you enter the museum.

Please be sure to wash your hands and disinfect your hands frequently in the building.

Please keep a distance of at least one meter from other visitors when viewing the works.

Please do not touch the walls or display cases.

Admission may be restricted in order to avoid congestion in the exhibition rooms.

Efforts to prevent infectious diseases in the museum
(1)A part of the sofa in the building has been removed.

(2)We will give consideration to the environment in the museum, such as restricting admission.

(3)Some of the exhibits, such as those for viewing (contact type) and hands-on exhibits, have been closed.

(4)Disinfectants and hand soap are available throughout the building.

(5)Some facilities such as a water server (chilled water machine) cannot be used.

(6)Staff will wear masks.

Special Exhibition

Special exhibitions on show
500 years of The life of
TAKEDA shingen

Mar 13(Sat)-May 10(Mon)

Permanent Exhibition    

In the Main exhibition room, a themed exhibition is held for a limited time only.

Limited time exhibition

Regular Exhibition: Curator's Picks
"Plagues and people ;Pray,Help each other, and Overcome"

Now open

Apr. 21. 2021 (Wed) - Jun.14. 2021 (Mon)





The admission fee will change from October 1. 2019  

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