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【By Train】
 ■ JR Chuo Line. 10 minutes from Isawa-onsen (Nearest station) by bus.
   ・ Yamanashi kotsu bus for Yamanashi Prefectural Museum (Yamanashi Kenritsu Hakubutsukan). 250 yen.
   ・ Fuji kyuko bus  For Oushuku. Get off at Yamanashi Prefectural Museum (Yamanashi Kenritsu Hakubutsukan). 250 yen.
   Both are a 3-minute walk from the bus stop.
   ・ Taxi is also convinient (approx. 1,200 yen).

  ■JR Chuo Line/Minobu Line. Approx. 30 minutes by bus from Kofu station.
   ・ Yamanashi kotsu bus for Yamanashi Prefectural Museum (Yamanashi Kenritsu Hakubutsukan- Station No.3 on North Exit) 530 yen. 
   ・ Fuji kyuko bus for Fujiyoshida Station/Shimo-kurokoma (Station No.7 on South Exit) . Get off at Yamanashi Prefectural Museum. 530 yen.
    ※CAUTION: Each bus departs from different exits.

   Time table for buses

  ■JR Chuo Line. 35 minutes walk from Isawa-onsen station.

  Exit from the south exit of Ishiwa Onsen Station and go straight south.
  Turn left at the junction with Route 411 (at the entrance to Ishiwa Onsen Station) and continue east on the national road.
  Turn right at the Tommyoji intersection and cross the Fuefuki River on the Ukai Bridge.
  You will see the Fuefuki Fire Station on your left.
  At the "Nagatsuka" traffic lights, you will pass through a multi-storey intersection on Route 20.
  The entrance to the museum is at the traffic lights, 200m after the crossing in the direction of Kawaguchiko.
  Please note that the pavement is narrow in places, so please take care when visiting the museum.

【Highway Bus】
  ■Highway Bus: Chuo Kosoku Bus (Southern Route) 15 minutes walk form Misaka bus stop on Chuo Expressway. (Head east. Turn left on Ninomiya intersection. Proceed Route 137 for Isawa).

【By Car】
 ■ Chuo Expressway. From Tokyo/Otsuki
   8 minutes from Ichinomiya-Misaka Interchange.
   Exit for Isawa. Proceed Route 137 (downhill).
   Turn left on the connecting channel to Route 20, just before the intersection with Route 20.
    Proceed Route 20 toward Kofu (West) . After Nakagawa intersection, there will be a grade separation.
    Go downhill on the grade separation. Turn left at the next iInterseciton (Nagazuka).
   To the right on the first signal is the museum entrance.
 ■ From Lake Kawaguchiko
   Go turough Shin-misaka Tunnel on Route 137 for Kofu and Isawa.
   Turn left on Wakamiya intersection. Go further downhill.
   About 5km downhill on the left is the Musuem.
 ■ From Karisaka Tunnel/Saitama
   Proceed Route 140 to Kofu. Turn left on Ochiai intersection in Yamanashi City.
    (Get off at Kami-Iwashita Exit when using West Kanto Driveway).
   When reaching Fuefuki River, turn right on Kawanakajima intersection.
   Head toward Kofu along Fuefuki River. At Hatta intersection (Y-intersection), you can take either road.
    Turn left on the next signal.
    Cross over Fuefuki River on Ukai Bridge, go under the garade separation of Route 20.
   Proceed about 200m and turn right on the first signal.   
 ■From Kofu/ Suwa
   Head Route 20 toward Tokyo/ Otsuki.
   Go through Fuefuki City Isawa-cho area. Cross over Fuefuki River on Isawa Bridge.
   After crossing over the bridge, the first signal is Narita. When you pass through Narita, there is a grade separation.
   Go downhill (left) on grade separation. The first signal is Nagazuka. Turn right and head for Kawaguchiko (south) .
    Proceed about 200m and turn right on the first signal.

・1501-1 Misaka-cho Narita, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi, 406-0801
※When using a car navigation system produced before 2005, set the destination to Yamanashi Prefectural Education Center.

■Museum Bus Stop
bus stop


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